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The same comparison was made between stated and implied negative qualities, to determine what attributes are really the biggest turn-offs. Joel Creasey has slammed body shaming in the gay community.

Too Many Gay Men Still Hate Their Bodies - VICE

Ed Purnomo. Clinton Power, a relationship counsellor who works with the Sydney LGBT community, said the study reflected some of his own observations. There are underlying reasons for this that Mr Power believes stem from the prejudice the community has faced, and even the AIDS crisis.

But, he added, at the end of the day everyone regardless of their sexuality and gender has the same core needs: Jenny Noyes is a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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She was previously a writer and editor at Daily Life. Body politics: When the fat-shamed becomes the shamer: One of the biggest issues with body image and online dating is that when you're dealing with your own insecurities, it's all too easy to become a hypocrite. And so I ended up rejecting probably-great guy after probably-great guy, all the while lamenting the lack of love in my life. It got to the point where hitting the gym seemed like the only thing I could do to a justify my own paradoxically high standards, and b feel like I was even remotely lovable.

I relished the feeling of working out for a week and rewarding myself with an OkCupid profile update to "Athletic" or "Thin. Still, even though I was in the best shape of my life, I never did build up enough confidence to send a shirtless pic. If a gay man is not 'serving body' while competing to find a trick or boyfriend in one of the more muscle-bound climates of gay culture, he will be sorely shut out.


That is why gay men don't get fat, because if they don't have pecs, guns and glutes, they're going home alone. My body type, myself: In the end, of course we should all strive to accept our bodies as they are and build up enough confidence to say "fuck it" when someone fails to reciprocate our interest on a dating app. But that's much easier said than done.

Gay Body Image

Instead of confronting our self-esteem issues head-on, it can be much easier to keep cutting the carbs and hitting the gym in hopes that the privilege of having an in-shape body will just make all our problems go away. I was in the best shape of my life when I met my boyfriend last year on OkCupid.

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And while our relationship eventually developed to be based on much more than our physical attraction for one another, there's no denying that it provided the initial spark. While I don't feel especially great about letting myself go, I do feel great about not having to select my new body type from a drop-down list. I'd "rather not say" how much time I put into mentally laboring over how to answer this seemingly simple question, but for the sake of this post, I will: A lot of fucking time.

OkCupid On my confident days, I'd select "thin" or "skinny.

Body politics: Just how important are looks to gay men?

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