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No love, no respect or caring, no nurturing. They have complete lack of insight to your existence, needs, wants, anything that is you. They simply will never get you. This makes life very boring as spontaneousness is non-existent………………. Accountability is something they know nothing about. These are not people that are inexperienced or can be taught anything, but have a fixed way of looking at the universe and use one part of their brain for all decisions, more or less being unable to integrate, synthesize, create and make connections between concepts.

This will leave you reeling just trying to have a simple conversation. If you want a reciprocal relationship built on trust, love, caring and respect run away from someone with ASD. If you want to be forced to parent a grown person, to have to do everything, have no emotional fulfillment and be blamed for anything that goes wrong in the their life, knock yourself out. You will suffer a lot by the time you figure out what it is.

You can never really sort it out. I waited 15 years to find this web site and subsequent links. I have been in a "relationship" with someone with highly functioning brilliant but broken Aspergers for 15 years.

What It's Like to Go Clubbing When You Have Asperger's - Broadly

We started out as a "couple", but since he has severe impulse control issues we met online and is a serial cat fisher, wound up "breaking up" in Of course, I have taken care of him since. He follows me around the country with his manipulation and I have saved him 2 evictions on my credit report, roommates without him working for four years while he "Peter Pans" his lying, Bohemian lifestyle. Of course, now we are still roommates and he is working. But control issues? I lost my life here somehow. There should be a study on co-dependents and Aspies, because seriously?

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Match made in h e double toothpicks. Try to shake off a lying, manipulative, Peter Pan man in his early forties who talks in baby voice while you are setting boundaries? I think at the end of it the other side of the autism relationship gets just bitter. Bitter pill to swallow since they don't change. I am getting him OFF my cell phone plan because the lies don't stop. So many people are like "la la la" autism awareness while the abused members of this sector, raised by the wrong parents are worst than psychopaths because they become permanent parasites.

Angry and getting free. Can't believe I just now found this web site - - 15 years alter. We are not a "couple" anymore - but he has managed to emotionally manipulate an additional five years out of me. My husband had a late diagnosis of autism 5 years ago.

Life has been hell and I almost lost all sense of self worth. I've shed a few tears reading your experiences. For anyone considering or starting a relationship with an Asperger partner - think again and again. At the moment the attention you're getting isn't real, you're just the latest special interest they call them - an obsession we call them. The masking or role playing is being used to cover up who you are really with.

Later as the mask slips you'll find yourself, your very sense of being slowly, but remorselessly undermined 'death by a thousand paper cuts' There will be the self serving manipulation. The control - we eat now, we go to bed now, don't laugh, don't smile it upsets me. The tantrums and physical violence for merely having the 'wrong look' on your face.


The cruel jibes and insults designed to hurt and undermine. Never hearing the word 'sorry'. Walking on eggshells.

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The new obsessions paid for regardless of any monetary consideration. The social isolation - never going out and meeting anyone together, the outbursts in front of now lost friends, the fear of bringing anyone home. The endless droning monologues about the latest obsession. The hours of never being spoken to except for some demand or another. Never being hugged, kissed, chatting about hopes, dreams or aspirations. Never sharing a laugh. My health and wealth have gone, I'm tired - but you still have a chance to lead the life you deserve.

Thank you for your webpage on Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome. I am really broken and trying to raise a kid without raging against the abuser that has him the other half of the time. On our honeymoon he told me that I was smothering him with kisses and to stop. He also would go to bed and not say goodnight to me when we were first married.

I was shocked that he would do that I was hitting rock bottom emotionally by then and it was only the first year of our marriage. My husband started to degrade me after a year of marriage He used any excuse not to be with me sexually. I started to become really down and went for therapy I thought I was the one to blame.

This was 5 years into my marriage. I asked his mom about it and she said the reason she got divorced was because her husband was so cold and aloof. She said that her son my husband saw me as a threat If he got too close to me Then I spoke with his grandmother and she told me that her husband She said the only way to see him was to go to the yacht club. We don't even share the same room anymore and he is fine with that. I've come to fear him He plays mind games.

He would hug me in the morning and for the rest of the month ignore me I keep my distance from him. No arguing or hanging out with him.

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  5. It's pretty much a dead marriage. I have 2 children just out of college and I have to say that I feel so lonely without them I always got from them. But now I live with a husband who loves his quiet time alone I just feel so lonely and sad that 25 years have gone by and my little ones are now 21 years old and have lives of their own. I want them to be independent I just wish I had a real husband I have to say that if anyone even suspects that the man or woman they are going to marry has issues with kissing, holding hands etc Please Leave that person. My husband also cannot handle normal life events I have to handle all the messy stuff by myself.

    Also, no empathy or compassion I hope I can get some coping skills to help with feeling so lonely and blue and also contribute to finding ways to help me.

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    I just read the open letter from Sophia Morgan, It was very helpful and made me feel validated and sane. The revelation is recent and still fresh. The more literature that I read and testimonials, the more pieces of the puzzle fall into place and seem to point to AS. Hopefully a window of opportunity will open, where my husband will be able to listen to someone who can shed light on the situation for him.

    As his OCD and anxieties increase I am hoping he may get fed up enough toward people for relief and listen to professionals. But I have my doubts. As for me, I feel safe in the sense that he no longer lashes out physically. I will not tolerate that anymore and he is afraid that I will leave. I hope that Sophia knows that her openness and taking action to share her experiences publicly, is greatly appreciated! The healthcare industry seems intent on seeing autism strictly as a disease -- and even went so far as to essentially eliminate Asperger's from the definition in order to do it.

    But, that taints all research into the area: Which autism were they looking at? The non-verbal unable to use a bathroom or function independently? Or did they look at the Silicon Valley genius who made himself a few billion dollars?