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Then, invaded by the smell of his warm skin I lunged for his nipples. First one, then the other, their rising tips flipped and swirled against my tongue. My dick pressed against the sheet that separated his manhood from mine. The sheet slipped lower, revealing the love trail of soft hairs that led to that yet unseen object of my desire. My arms engulfed him. His naked chest pressed against me, his smell rose up, his tongue lunged at mine. My cock exploded and cum filled my pants.

Harder and harder I thrust against him with each pulsing ejaculation. Then, in exhaustion I fell limp upon him. As his tongue began to lick my neck, he reached to my pants and raised my shirt over my head. His tongue moved to my chest, to each nipple, to the slight tuft of hair that lay between my pecs. Then he moved downward, biting, nipping, kissing. H sat me upward and undid my belt. My dick, now wet and limp, swung loose between my legs. His hands reached out. They took my dick and balls and slowly raised them upward.

His face was directly before them. And he filled his mother with my entire manliness. The warmth of his mouth, the movement of his tongue soon began to raise my again, and as my cock swelled it pushed my balls back out.

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But his hand did not let them alone, while his mouth held my dick his fingers palmed my balls and then, like a bolt of lightening, I felt a finger lunge into my asshole. With my ass in ecstasy , my eyes gazed again on his sculpted chest. Slowly he lowered the sheet. Slowly I lowered the sheet, inch by inch, to uncover the most perfectly round and full man ass I had ever see. My mouth could not resist. I lowered my lips to that curving beauty and plied my mouth across every moving inch.


Then my hands found their way to his most secret place and I parted those cheeks to reveal that sweet opening. With panting desire I plunged my forefinger into that place, deeper and deeper and with each thrust he responded, pushing back, showing all the more the roundness and power of his ass. I removed my finger and my tongue took its place. Then moving out from his asshole, my tongue found its way under him, towards the back of his balls.

I raised up his hips to allow them full play and there they hung long and full, dangling before me. Ahead of them his half hard, half limp dick, partly erect but still soft enough to hand where I could reach it. My mouth seized upon them from behind, first his balls, then pulling his cock back, I sucked it to its root and his golden pubic hairs fluttered against my nose. The smell of his manliness was intoxicating, the soft ness of his skin sent me into madness. He pulled out from my mouth and flipped onto his back. His cock, now fully hard, slapped against the flat of his stomach.

A man, not a boy. I want a man inside me. I leaned forward. My lips met his. We took are sets in a private booth having rich clients ive became acustomed to these kind of pressures we watch the show but half way though it I was getting bord.

I got off my set and got on my knees infront of Keith I unzipped his trousers and lowered his boxers to reveal his not so big dick I put it in my mouth and started sucking him off. About 5 mintues later he cummed in my mouth and I drank his load.

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I sat back on my set to watch the rest of the show. When we got back to the hotel it was I told Keith i was going to bed and will be up at 7 in the morning for my final day with him. When I woke up that Sunday morning at 6: I got dressed, styled my hair and brushed my teeth. Before Keith woke up i made myself a cup of coffee and drunk it at the table. I just finished my drink when Keith came out of his room naked. He asked "will you come and wash me?

He got into the shower and I stripped down to my boxers and got into the shower with him. He handed me the body wash so i started soaping up his body.

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  5. As i was washing him he grabbed my package and pulled it a few times "will you take them off" so i pulled of my boxers. About 20 minutes later i cummed and he caught my load and drank it. I finished washing him and we both got dressed and styled. At that he stood up, crushed out the J, and said I would have to take care of that matter myself. He turned back to me, and I started undoing his shirt buttons, as he rubbed my shoulders with his strong hands.

    A little downward pressure, and i sunk to my knees, as he shed his shirt. I looked up into his eyes as i undid his fly, pulled down on the zipper, and started as his semi-hard cock fell out of his pants His cock was inches from my face; he told me to look at it, look closely for the first time at another man's equipment.

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    You like it, don't you? I shook my head yes; my mouth was dry, I couldn't talk. He guided my hand to it, and I stroked him lightly. I leaned forward, and rubbed the tip of his cock against my lips. His pre-cum formed a string from my mouth to his cock, and the ice was broken. I licked the string into my mouth as I moved forward again. I licked at his pee-hole, I put the head in my mouth. He moaned slighttly as he maneuvered my head with his right hand.

    My own right hand was caressing his buns; firm and tight, with no tan-lines. Smooth to my touch, in the same silken way as his manhood felt in my mouth. After a few minutes maybe, as i had lost track of time, he pulled my head away.

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    I surprised myself by trying to lean forward to keep it from leaving my mouth. Look at it first, he said as he smiled and turned away from me. Tell me does it look good? I rubbed my face against his tanned buns, savoring the faint smell of sweat and sexual arousal. He wanted me, I could feel it, and the thought made me giddy with forbidden lust.

    I pushed inward, my nose slipping between his cheeks, til it came to rest on his anus. With my hands on his hips, I rubbed up , then down, then up again across his asshole, surrendering my dignity. Then I let my tongue slip out, and it flicked across the same territory. Jerry pointed out that he could see by our reflection in the mirror that he was giving me pleasure.

    He bent slightly at the hips, allowing me more access, and suddenly I felt his sphincter muscles quiver as i made contact with them. I was in heaven! Jerry's ass-hole was my heaven, where I wanted to spend eternity.

    My hands found his cock, and I began to jack him off, getting back to full hardness. Eat me, eat my ass-hole, he said. My tongue was pushing in and out faster and faster. I could see myself in the mirror I saw him there, too. Our eyes locked as I worshipped my god, my hero, my lover. Suddenly he jerked